zucchini bread, part 1

Lots summer zucchini,  but what to do with it all? Afterall, there is only so much quiche and frittatta a girl can eat! (Or that my children and husband will eat….)

And so I turn to my trusty friend, the bread maker. Its probably the best kitchen item I was ever given, that bread maker. Its seen a lot of flour and made a lot of amazing bread. And this recipe is one of my favorites.


Its pretty simple as bread recipes go. Simply adding in flour, water, sugar, butter and the grated zucchini, a little ground clove and a little cinnamon.


Close the lid, add in the yeast to the dispenser at the top of the machine and press start.


It takes about 4 hours from start to finish for the bread dough to mix, rise and bake. Even on a hot summer day, its totally worth it. Everything tastes better on a piece of freshly baked bread.



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